Monday, November 15, 2010


Hey All!

Added a Battlefront patriotic slogan to the T-26. Had to cut the decal into 2 to get it to fit right. Seems a bit large but currently, I don't have any smaller ones. Dom's Decals at:;jsessionid=154ce1879bb2927/shopdata/index.shopscript

has a wide array of great decals for various scales. I have some although currently, they do not have any Russian slogans, I highly recommend their products. I may try and find a white gel pen to try and do up my own. Stay tuned...

Should be seeing the FiB minis any day now...maybe today! Just looking at the pictures, I am thinking the German helmet sculpt is a bit too much like a WWI-era helmet, too high and too wide a brim. Should be an easy fix but we will see...

I will be trying out a new matt acrylic varnish from Vallejo to seal and protect the T-26. Brutally expensive at 20 buck for a 400ml spraycan, it had better work well! I will be comparing it to a similar acrylic product from a company called PLAID that is half the price but comes out more like a gloss. Vallejo's spray looks to be less toxic than Dullcote - no CFC's, toluene, xyleme and labeled non-toxic (only warning label is Flammable, probably due to the aerosol gas) which is a big plus! I will let y'all know if it fits the bill...


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  1. Thats one stunning looking T-26 you've got there.