Monday, March 20, 2017

Camo'ed Quartet

Hey All!

Finished up the Panzer IVH zug for the upcoming Salute 2017 Schwere Kompanie game 'Lost Panzers'

 Painted up pretty well though the airbrush was acting up...

Used a mix of Tamiya and Vallejo Model Air...theres your problem...dont mix!

Wheatfield is Teddy-bear fur, cut and painted - looks pretty convincing though you will make a big mess when trimming your bush...

Just a few more things to finish up and I should be ready!




  1. They look fantastic. Really nice job on everything.

  2. Great work Troy. I can share your frustrations with the airbrush. Seems I never know when I'm going to have a good or bad airbrush day. I'm shopping for a new brush, maybe that'll relieve some of the pain.

  3. Great painting! What do you think of the zimmerit?


    1. Thanks! The zimmerit; horribly over-scale - could have been much better done. Zim on the real thing is much more subtle. I had to soften the detail with liquid glue and sanding but its still way too big!

  4. Very smart chaps! Although I feel almost deprived that you haven't told us that you built the zimmerit from scratch, cut off something that was inaccurate and replaced using very tiny hands with a carbon fibre gold plated bespoke solution and added the crewman's fly-zip. :-) looking forward to the detailed explanation...always makes me salivate with awe.